RCS Mission Statement

Since the Lord Jesus Christ lays claim to the entire universe, we seek to obey his command to instruct his children in the fear of His name and to educate them in a way which helps them recognize the authority of Christ in every area of life.



Randolph Christian School Philosophy


Christian education has its foundation in the Creator-mankind relationship taught in the Bible.  It is a process wherein a child's character is formed by instruction based on the truth of God's Word in all areas of life.

The responsibility for education rests upon the parents.  They may delegate part of this responsibility to an institution able to carry forward this God-given task.  The authority of the teacher in discipline and character training comes from the fact that the parent has placed the child in the teacher's care.

The student is a spiritual being created in the image of God.  Therefore, the student is capable of learning, knowing, and obeying the Word of God.  The student can gain an understanding of the structure and order God has placed in His creation.  As a creature of God's creation, the student has physical, moral, intellectual, and social needs to be met inside the boundaries of God's Biblical laws.  As the student grows and matures in faith, he or she learns how to responsively serve Christ as part of God's sovereign plan.

The curriculum of the Randolph Christian School is used to encourage students to view their culture in the light of God's Word and to guide students in their service to Christ's everlasting kingdom.